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I Canzonieri

Folk band



 2007 - 2012

I canzonieri has been a folk music band exploring ways to combine original songs, inspired by the italian folk tradition, with jazz and other music practices. The band was formed by Antonia D'Amore (voice) and Benedetto Fanna (Accordion) and later joined by Andrea Mancianti (electric guitar and arrangements) and developed in close collaboration with Giovanni Guaccero.


The band recorded the album Eradovevivevodare and played numerous live gigs, often including guests musicians and collaborators.

Antonia D'Amore: voice

Benedetto Fanna: accordion

Andrea Mancianti: guitars, arrangements

Filippo Schininà: drums

Alessandro Belli: double bass

Guest musicians:

Giovanni Guaccero: keyboards in Il mio paese

Simone Colavecchi: tammorra frame drum in Tarantella del cavallo pazzo

Enrico Morello: drums and other odd instruments in Non è del cielo

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