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a few minutes to silence

Duo exploring the boundaries of writing and improvisation





SKR, Kone

Album available here:

In the middle of the pandemic Luca Piovesan and I embarked on a quest exploring ways to play, compose and improvise together, that would be felt shared in spite of our "traditionally" different roles of composer and performer. Through a series of residences, in Florence first, then Helsinki, and finally Spoleto, we developed and recorded a few ideas. Roughly one and a half years after we started, we are happy to present the first record (of what would hopefully turn out as a small series), condensing our time together in Helsinki in 2021.

The project is called a few minutes to silence and it can be listened to, or purchased for a small fee (if you'd feel like supporting us <3), on our Bandcamp page. I hope you like it!

I would also like to thank everyone that made this record possible, in particular, and in no precise order: Veera Vehkasalo, Bruna Esperi , Alessandro Rorato, Carola Haupt, Stefano Spinelli, Murate Art District, Koneen Säätiö - Kone Foundation, Suomen Kulttuurirahasto, Aalto University, KCB and VUB.

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