Sibelius Academy, Helsinki

2014-2015. Supernumerary student, CMT department, supervisor: Andrew Bentley​

IRCAM, Paris

2013-2014. Cursus I, Profs: E. Daubresse, M. Malt, J. Lochard, M. Liuni, G. Lorieux et E. Parra.

Conservatorio di Musica Luigi Cherubini, Firenze

2010-2012. MA in Electronic Music, Profs: M. Ligabue, A. Belfiore. R. Neri, S. Conforti.
2005–2012. Composition (pre Bologna agreement) Prof. R. Mirigliano: composition, Prof. P. Furlani: orchestration, Del Vecchio: piano score reading.

University La Sapienza, Roma

2001-2006. Bachelor in Philosophy, thesis in musical aesthetics on sense and time in music, Profs: P. Montani, L. Di Staso, P. Vinci, M. Prampolini

University of Helsinki, Faculty of Art (Erasmus exchange program)

2003-2004. Prof: Eero Tarasti; semiotics, musical semiotics; Prof: Harri Vuori, composition.

Scuola popolare di musica di Testaccio, Roma

2004-2007 Prof Mirigliano, composition; Prof G. Guaccero, songwriting, harmony, free impro lab, Prof G. Salviucci Marini, traditional folk singing modes in Italy, Prof L. Spagnoletti, electronic music lab.

Saint Louis College of Music, Rome

2001-2003 Sound Engineering and Music Technology. Profs. L. Zaccheo, L. Proietti: Midi; profs F. Angelini, S. Angelini: mixing and recording, Prof. V. Lombardozzi: acoustics, Prof. S. Mambella: music theory; Profs. F. Canfora and E. Merone: Jazz harmony, classic harmony and solfege.

Istituto musicale Luigi da Vittoria, Roma

2001-2004. Comosition, prof. R. Santoboni: composition.

Liceo Terenzio Mamiani, Roma

1995-2000 Scientific high school graduation Maturità Brocca.

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Workshops, masterclasses and festivals

2015. ​ Impuls academy, Graz. Composition: Pierluigi Billone, Klaus Lang, Isabel Mundry.

2014.  INVIVO teatro, music-theatre workshop, le 104, paris. Composition: George Aperghis.

2014. PAS-E, Venezia, Composition: Pierluigi Billone.

2013. Impuls academy, Graz. Composition: Pierluigi Billone, Beat Furrer, CoS workshop: Ramon Gonzalez-Arroyo, Gerhard Heckel, Live electronics: Peter Plessas.

2012. COMPOSIT Workshop, Rieti. Composition: Tristan Murail, Joshua Fineberg.

2011. IRCAM composition workshop, Biennale Musica, Venezia. Composition: Yan Maresz, Computer music: Grégoire Lorieux, Emmanuel Jourdan.

2011. Self/young Composition Workshop, Teatro Everest, Florence. Composition: Daniele Bravi

2011. Nuova Consonanza, De musica, Roma. Composition: Philippe Manoury.

2010. ACDA Acanthes, Metz. Atelier d'informatique musicale IRCAM. Computer music profs: Jean Lochard, Mikail Malt, Emmanuel Jourdan.

2010Workshop on Prometeo by Luigi Nono.Conservatorio di Musica Luigi Cherubini, Florence. Prof. A.Vidolin.

2010. Open Music workshop, Conservatorio di Musica di Perugia, Prof. F. Cifariello Ciardi.

2010Nuova Consonanza, De musica, Roma. Composition: Beat Furrer.

2007Nuova Consonanza, De musica, Roma. Composition: Gavin Bryrs.

2005. Siena Jazz summer classes. Arranging and composing for Big Band: Prof. Giancarlo Gazzani. Free Jazz Improvisation: Prof. Giancarlo Schiaffini. Jazz instrumentation and orchestration: Prof. Bruno Tommaso.

2005Nuova Consonanza, De musica, Roma. Film music composition: Ennio Morricone and Sergio Miceli.

2003Film music composition course. Accademia Musicale Chigiana, Siena. Prof. Luis Bacalov.

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Projects and collaborations

2015. Klemola/Mancianti, free improvisation noise duo, with the composer and guitarist Sami Klemola. Electric guitars and electronics.

2012. Viola d'amore and electronics duo, with Marco Fusi. Working with pieces by L. Romano, A. Rossato, Z. Baldi, himself and others. Composer, RIM and Live electronics.

2012CopyleftDays festival, a cycle of artistic event and talks to rethink copyright in the internet era. With Teatro Valle Occupato and Patamu. Organizer, speaker.

2010. L'anima ferita, work by Chiara Strada and Valeria Villeggia based on Arianna abbandonata by Monteverdi. Live electronics.

2010. Atlante Sonoro, contemporary music festival, with S. Cardi, C. Vedovati, G. Bracci, Freon ensemble and Scuola Popolare Musica di Testaccio, Roma. Organiser, performer.

2009. Scordati, experimental movie by Gruppo Funes. Sound designer, audio engineer.

2009. Multipla, aleatory score by Ennio Morricone, with G. Guaccero, A. Sbordoni and G. Tedeschi. Organizer, performer. 46th festival of Nuova Consonanza.

2008 Le isole felici, una passione, text and music written by Giovanni Guaccero, presented in November for the 2008's edition of Nuova Consonanza new music festival. Live electronics.

2007. Musical Garden Project, with the landscape architects F. Diana and M. Gobbi and the mechanical engineer E. Bonacci, for the 18th edition of the Festival International des Jardins in Chaumont-sur- loire. Interaction designer, musical adviser.

2005-2010Zeitlet, mixed ensemble researching a dialogue between musicians with various backgrounds. The aim of this collective, which counted different temporary ensembles, was to harmonize writing and free improvisation, performance and composition into an organic language and to encourage communication within popular and contemporary music praxis and contexts. Composer, guitarist, producer.

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2015. (October) The theatre piece Apophenia, produced by Ircam, is included in the festival Musica, Strasbourg.

2014. (July) First performance of Apophenia, presented during Manifeste 2014, Le 104, Paris.

2013. (February) Disembodiment for fixed media, written for a spatialization system consisting of more then a hundred loudspeakers. Graz, Mumuth Ligeti Hall.

2013. (October) Prosthesis for viola d'amore and live electronics, is presented to Biannale Musica, Venice. viola d'amore: Marco Fusi, live electronics Andrea Mancianti.

2012 (July) Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow for small amplified group, megaohones and electronics, is premiered by the ensemble L'Arsenale. Composit festival, Rieti.

2012. (April) We are Lost, for electronics, remix of Dall'alto dei giorni immobili by Fausto Romitelli, wins the international competition Sincronie Remix and is published by Sincronie and Altremusiche in a vinyl record, together with the original by Romitelli.

2011. Tempo Reale Festival, Suona la Ronda, a cycle of pieces to accompany the visit of the medieval passages in Palazzo Vecchio, Florence. written with Daniela Fantechi and Alberto Meli.

2009. The Zeitlet X-emble is invited to play for edition 2009 of RIFF (Roma Independent Film Festival) playing live on a video by C. Sironi.

2009. Zeitlet X-emble, plays Studi preparatori per la fine del mondo, at Nuova Consonanza festival sharing the stage with D. Ryan, I. Mitchel, E. Martuscello, G. Tedeschi, Don Byron, A. Pisani, M. Cosottini, A. Melani and L. Cartolai.

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2015. Ensemble A.S.K., Autophagy, for electric guitar, sax, double bass, percussions and electronics. Premiered in November 2015 in Vevey, theatre L'Oriental.

2014. Promenade Sauvage (Marteen Stragier and Luca Piovesan), No Heroics, please for electric guitar and accordion. Premiered in Teatro Fondamenta Nuove in Venice in April 2015.

2012. Marco Fusi, Prosthesis for viola d'amore and live electronics. Premiered in Cripta 747, Torino, October 2012.

2011. Luca di Bernardo, The last trumpet, for trumpet, megaphones and live electronic. Premiered in Florence, July 2011.

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2015. (November) Vevey, l'Oriental theatre: residency with Ensemble ASK to work on Autophagy.

2015. (September) Messina, INCO/Can Obert, residency for composers and instrumentalists focused on the intersection between composition and improvisation.

2013-2014. Paris, La cité des arts, residency for artists. While attending the IRCAM Cursus.

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Awards and Grants

2013. Movin' Up: grant awarded by GAI (Giovani Artisti Italiani) and the italian government to support the study year in Paris in IRCAM in 2013-2014.

2012. Sincronie Remix: We are Lost, elaboration of Dall'alto dei giorni immobili by Fausto Romitelli, wins the international competition.

2009.  IMA (Independent Music Award, USA). The soundtrack of the short film Pasprefut wins in the music for film category.

2000. La musica e l'ironia, [De]sintonia distratta, for ensemble and tape, won the musician's prize in the international competition.

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Movie and theatre music composer.

Since 2003 has been active as a composer for movies and stage music.

Among others: Diario di fiume, in 2010, a documentary on the river Tevere directed by D. Maldi, music for two accordion, electric guitar quartet and electronics; the Alvaro Piccardi's adaptation of Ibsen's Peer Gynt, a theatre piece for actor and puppets, music performed live by Zeitlet X-emble in 2009-2010; the short film Liberiamo qualcosa, directed by Guido Tortorella; Pasprefut, an advertisement directed by Davide Maldi, and played by Zeitlet Film orchestra; and in 2000, Otello, music for the play directed by Veronica Gentili and Roberto Pappalardo, for string quartet and trombone, performed by Zeitlet quintet.


Played in many different bands and genres, from blues, funk, soul to country, progressive, electronic and free rock projects. Recent bands include: acoustic guitar in the children opera l’arco magico, written by G. Guaccero published by Anicia; electric guitar in Studi preparatori per la fine del mondo, first Zeitlet's rock album; electric and acoustic guitar in the folk songwriting band I Canzonieri, for whom also worked as an arranger and songwriter in the album eradovevivevodare. He's currently active as free improviser with electric guitar small instruments and electronics.


Technical skills

Advanced knowledge of most of hard disc recording, sequencing and editing software on Mac platform. such as:


MAX/MSP: advanced knowledge

PD: good knowledge

Super Collider: basic knowledge

ProTools: advanced knowledge

Logic: advanced knowledge

Peak (and alike editors): advanced knowledge

Ableton Live: fairly good knowledge


Advanced knowledge of IRCAM Software such as: AudioSculpt, OM, Modalys.


Basic knowledge of C++, Lisp and Arduino.


2001 ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence)

Language skills

Italian: native language.

English: fluent, both oral and written.

French: fluent (Certificate TEF 24.11.11, B2 level)

Spanish: good comprehension, poor expression.

Finnish: basic knowledge (A2).

Various artistic skills

Improvisation - Composition - Arrangement - Orchestration - Film Scoring - Interactivity - Collaborative Practices - Teamwork - Interdisplinarity - Do It Yourself - Do It Together - Theatre - Sound Engineering - Sound Design - Electric Guitar - Electronic Music.


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