Navigable fixed media installation/piece for ~100 loudspeakers.

February 2013, Mumuth Hall, Kug, Graz.


Disembodiment is a navigable piece written during the residency/workshop within the CoS (choreography of sound) research project of KuG. Its goal was to approach the spatial dimension of musical sound as an intrinsic property of the musical discourse, using a cross-breeding between different spatialization approaches.

The piece has been written for the specific set up of Mumuth Hall, that counts over a hundred speakers in various geometrical configurations. The main ideas behind it were mainly two. Firstly to consider the loudspeakers setup as an open structure to be designed and built with its physical and geometrical properties thought as compositional parameters. On the other hand to consider the space as the place where the many and often unpredictable interactions between system and listeners take place.

Rather then considering the loudspeaker system as a transparent mean to project sound sources in a virtual space, here the speakers were freely placed within the hall according to compositional reasons, and many different spatialization techniques, including custom-built ones, are used according to the requirements of the musical goal. With this physical approach to the loudspeaker, I imagined the hall as the inside of a hollow organic body, with its vibrating mechanical organs and a network of blood-vessels-like trajectories.

Listeners were encouraged to disperse in the whole space, where areas with different sonic behaviors and properties had been created. During the development of the piece, they were also free to move around and navigate the sonic space.

All the materials in the piece were produced by translating into sound the electromagnetic fields produced by a laptop's activity, overheard with a coil microphone.