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Kaikujen Sailio

Immersive sound piece for Öljysäiliö 468, brass quintet and live electronics






in progress

Sibelius Fund, Äänen Lumo, Kone Foundation

Kaikujen Säiliö is a site-specific immersive sound piece for brass ensemble and live electronics, written for Öljysäiliö 468.
Due to the shape and materials of this place, its acoustics are extremely peculiar, with long reverberation times, shimmering echoes and immersive radiating patterns. In addition, it is an almost magical site for a modern times sonic ritual, due to its appearances of a relic of fossil-fuel’s culture, its position by the shore, and its nature, in- between a closed industrial space not meant for humans and a shell open to the surrounding land- and soundscapes, that constantly filter and reverberate in its open cavity.

Kaikujen Säiliö is an experimental sonic piece exploring ways to listen to the encounter between sound, technology, space and landscape, as it emerges like a precarious ecosystem, where the boundaries between natural and artificial get constantly renegotiated and deformed by technology.

The live brass instruments, an array of DIY, recycled and adapted electronic devices augmenting and transforming the space, the light, the wind and the sea waves, filtering through the holes on the metallic reverberant surfaces, and finally the audience moving through the space, are the living agencies defining this immersive sonic experience. Each player, using their own instrument as well as a variety of other sound sources, interacts with the structure of the silo and a network of scattered loudspeakers.

The piece, meant to last approximately an hour, accompanies the sunset light from dusk to darkness, as it filters through the holes in the structures, blending with the resident light installation.

Info and details:

Composition and live electronics: Andrea Mancianti

Production: Äänen Lumo, Aalto University

Immersive Audio Production: Sebastian Schlecht

Music director: Henriikka Teerikangas

Musicians: Henriikka Teerikangas (horn), Inka Pärssinen (trumpet), Sauli Saarinen (trumpet), Max Silfverberg (trombone), Mikko Marttila (tuba)

Supported by: Sibelius Fund of the Society of Finnish Composers, Äänen Lumo, Kone Foundation.

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