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Soundtracks and Stage Music

Space Walk

VR experience - 2021

Interactive soundtrack for a virtual planetarium application designed for the Oculus Quest standalone VR headset in Aalto University. More info here

sul fiume

Documentary- 2010

Soundtrack for a documentary on the river Tevere in Rome. 

B. Fanna: Accordion

A. Mancianti: guitar and electronics


Peer Gynt

Puppet theatre - 2010

Soundtrack for the puppet theatre rendition of Peer Gynt.

Live recording. Performed live by Zeitlet x-emble.


short movie -  2007

written and directed by Davide Maldi

Costanza Alegiani, Francesco Maiorca, Daniele Spadaro

Winner of Cortigiano Film Festival and finalist in Dieciminuti Film Festival 3.

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