2015. ​ Autophagy, for Baritone Sax (+ feedback), Electric Guitar, Double Bass, Percussions (+ feedback) and electronics.

Commission Ensemble A.S.K. Premiered in October 2015, Theatre L'Oriental, Vevey, Switzerland.

2015.  No heroics, please, for electric guitar and accordion.

Commissioned by Promenade Sauvage. Premiered in April 2015, Teatro Fondamenta Nuove, Venezia.

2015. Saturated spaces, interactive performative installation based on acoustic feedback.

With Otso Aho. Premiered in May 2015 in Vapaan Taiteen Tila (Free Arts Space), Helsinki.

2014. Epäjäriestelmällisyydestäköhän?, for Viola, live electronics and lo-fi recycled devices.

Presented at the end of Ircam Cursus I, April the 5th.

2014. Apophenia, music theatre, for percussionist/actor, bass clarinet and double bass.

Produced by IRCAM. Composed for Manifeste 2014, INVIVO theatre, Le 104, Paris and developed for Musica, TNS, Starsbourg.

2013.  Disembodiment, for fixed media, multichannel piece written for Mumuth, Ligeti Hall, Graz.

Presented during Impuls, February 2013, KUG Graz.

2012. Hide my head I want to drawn my sorrow, for small amplified group, live electronics and megaphones.

Premiered during Composit Festival, by l'arsenale ensemble,July 2012, Contigliano, Rieti.

2012.  Prosthesis for Viola d'amore and live electronics.

Commissioned by Marco Fusi. Premiered in the art gallery “Cripta 747”, October 2012, Torino.

2011.  We are lost, for fixed media electronics. Remix of Dall'alto dei giorni immobili by Fausto Romitelli.

Winner of Sincronie Remix Contest. Diffused live during MuTe Fest 2014, Musikkitalo, Helsinki.

2011. ​ Simulacra_1, for accordion and live electronics.

First performed by Anthony Millet in Biennale Musica, Venezia, October 2011.

2011. ​ The Last Trumpet, for trumpet and live electronics.

Commissioned by Luca Di Bernardo. Premiered in Conservatorio di Musica L. Cherubini of Florence, July 2011.

2011. ​ Due piccoli studi sul respiro, for bass flute, accordion and cello.

Premiered  by Francesco Gesualdi, Naomi Berril and Alessandro Gigli in Teatro Everest, Florence, May 2011.

2010. ​ Il quarto messaggero, for french horn, two four-hands pianos and live electronics.

First performed by Giulio Montanari at the new music festival Mixxer, Ferrara, April 2011.

2007.  Perchè viaggiare di notte, radiodrama for children choir and tape. Winner of “Primesecuzioni” prize.

Premiered by Coro Aureliano. Rome.

2005. Studi preparatori per la fine del mondo, 50 minutes suite for small mixed groupperformed by

Performed by Zeitlet X-emble. Recorded into an album in 2009.

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