Zeitlet X-emble. [composer, live electronics and guitarist]

1. Quadriglia spaziale

2. Canone perverso

3. Mollicone

4. Piano e lontano [luce stanca]

5. Oooooh

6. Tempo perso


Costanza Alegiani: voice

Lorenzo Gabriele: flute, bass flute

Francesco Snoriguzzi: clarinet, bass clarinet

Roberto Cippitelli: electric bass

Paolo Petrocelli: violin

Francesca Venturi Ferriolo: viola

Filippo Di Domenico: cello

Andrea Mancianti: live electronics, acoustic and electric guitar, banjo

Giovanni Piccardi: electric guitar

Giulio Maschio: drums and percussions

ZeitLet strongly believes that making music should be cooperation between different professionals,
The presence of musicians coming from very different backgrounds brought necessarily to find a dialogue between three traditions and performing practices, which still too seldom come in contact.
The goal was to work on an original production, which could keep together and organize different musical idioms and at the same time include writing procedures and improvisation in a collective organism without limiting the individuality of the performers.
ZeitLet is the name of an Italian collective orchestra founded in Rome to create an expressive field as free as possible from any narrow genre division.
and for this reason the composer, technicians and performers collaborate actively in the same project sharing the whole process.

ZeitLet is a variable organism with multiple line ups, widening from small ensembles to the ten element electric chamber group.
The band started as a mixed ensemble with a composer/electronic musician, an electric
guitarrist and a bass player meeting a flute, a violin and a cello in February 2005.
They started performing in music clubs. Within a couple of
years they had several gigs in the most popular places in Rome, entered the rooster of some underground event promoters and participated in music festivals such as Roostock and Faranight Fest.
In 2006 and 2007 the project grew bigger, and some of the classic instrumentists of the ensemble founded the ZeitLet Pentamble (violin, violin, viola, cello, trombone) which produced incidental music for Othello, a play directed by Roberto Pappalardo that had several repeat performances around Italy. The project has been participating twice in the European Music Day festival and finally received the "Honour Diploma" in the International Music Tournament.
In 2008 ZeitLet X-
emble has been invited to present a multimedial set on the awarding day of the Roma Independent Film Festival. In the same year their music for the short footage "Pasprefut" directed by Davide Maldi won the American Independent Music Award 2008 in the "Music for movies" category.
In the last
year the ensemble has been recording and is about to release one album of improvised music that testifies the research in the aleatory and extemporary field. They have just finished the mixing of their first LP, a 50 minute long suite for ten instruments, that has been presented at the prestigious 46th festival of Nuova Consonanza in the American Embassy in Rome.
In January
2010 the ensemble presented their own reading of Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen, a musical adaptation written by Andrea Mancianti
, directed by Alvaro Piccardi and performed in Teatro Arcobaleno in Rome as a part of an important theatrical season in Rome.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.